Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miss "L" turns 4!

Each year this wonderful family has me back to celebrate Miss "L" birthday!  As I walked in this year, her cousin said "Oh, I know her. She is the photographer that comes every year!" I am glad I can capture their family day, they make me feel like a member of the family and that makes my job even more special.  To watch families grow, celebrate, smile and enjoy each other company makes me see why I love this job!! Enjoy!

A New Bike! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"M" ~ 14 days new

Saturday was filled with little girls!  Big sister "I" was so proud to show me her new baby that joined the "W" family 2 weeks ago.  Baby "M" was just 14 days new and ready for some sister sister time.  She was good and sleeping for the first half of our session but surprised us all with 2 accidents on Dad during the second half of the session.  Those are the risks we take with naked babay photos, on a positive note, the floor got cleaned a couple times!  Enjoy!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The "H" Family

My weekend ended with this fun, stylish family at the Guthrie in Minneapolis!  We had a blast exploring the different hallways and the boys showing off their cool style! The cooler weather is STILL here, but they braved the outdoors for a couple photos and even sported St. Thomas T-shirts at the end of our session to support Dad's football team! So glad we finally got together, Enjoy!
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miss "E" is 6 months

This sweetheart was all smiles from the minute I walked in! Her sweet red hair and facial expressions mirrored her dad for sure!  And her bright smile was just like mom. Her pretty blue eyes will be melting hearts!  Enjoy!

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"A" is 6 months!

After a long week on being sick, Miss "A" was finally feeling like herself again!  She was all smiles for the camera on Saturday.  I think she enjoyed all the funny faces and noises Mom and Dad were making trying to get her to laugh.  Oh the things we will do for a great photo, and some great ones we got! Enjoy!
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