Tuesday, May 3, 2016

B Wedding ~ 4.23.16

Wedding season started early this year.  I was praying for the April showers to happen in the beginning of April as the 23rd was the first wedding of the year.  The sun was shining and the blue skies were clear for E & J to tie the knot.  I was so looking forward to the fun antique details and sprinkles of classic elegance.  E  & J didn't disappoint. There was huge bouquets of baby's breath, splashes of gold, lace and sparkles from the big chandeliers.  Plus, the venue was an updated historical place in La Crosse, which topped off the amazing night.  Let's get to the photos, I had trouble pairing hem down! Enjoy!


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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gerhard Twins 1.14.16

These 2 babies were a long awaited arrival for all!  With mom slowly counting down the days to D-day, their doctor wouldn't think about letting mom deliver early.  And H & L were warm and happy sitting in mommy's tummy until 38 weeks.  YES, full term for twins!!  And each baby arrived full term in size too, over 6lbs!!  Mommy deserves a medal (or diamonds) for all that work.  And the work hasn't even started yet for mom and dad as they discover parenthood for the first time times 2!!  My Saturday morning with the new family, I experience the twins first fight outside the womb and dad getting a little (just a little) peed on!  The babies were so sweet and calm to work with.  I look forward to watching them grow. Enjoy!

First Fight (Miss "L" on left getting hit by her brother "H")