Friday, September 9, 2011

West Wedding ~ 08.27.11 ~ La Crosse.WI

When you think of a Wedding today, it can mean many different things and the day can be styled or themed so many ways. Nick and Nicole's wedding was elegant, traditional and a BIG party to celebrate the day. Nicole was her bubbly happy self and gleaming from ear to ear. Pictures started in Riverside park with perfect light and a cool breeze. The bride and groom decided not to see each other before the ceremony, tricky when they are at the same hotel! After the ceremony, a walking tour of their old stomping grounds and off to a lovely party. Nicole invited a girls choir from her work to sing during happy hour. Touches like this made the day special and memorable. The speeches were filled with happy laughter filled tears, stories of rat tails and poem that mentioned a "blue lipped hippie"! The dance rocked it with a live band, Studebaker 7, that played all the '60s and '70s classic rock songs! Enjoy!

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