Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gray Wedding 1.15.17

A winter wedding you are always hoping for a snowy wonderland with a little warm weather.  This Sunday was just that, the snow fell a couple days earlier and was a white blanket on the beautiful Creekside Farm landscape.  The sunny was shining and a high of 28 degrees was on radar.  A perfect day for a winter wonderland wedding.  Now to the details, the bride planned out a beautiful decor of blue, silver and white.  The color flowed amazing with the rustic decor of the barn. The bride and groom were excited to finally reach their big.  Great family and friends traveled to the site to witness a lovely ceremony and crazy party.  The band, 2 Mile Final really got the reception kicked into high gear!  Congrats to Dan and Gina! Enjoy!

I love this first look photo...Gina's smile will light up a  room!



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